felted soap bars


what the crap is a felted soap bar?
why did this crazy girl make her soap brown?
does the brown one look more like poop or hair that you’ve just pulled out of the shower drain?
what is the purpose of a felted soap bar?

all good questions, my friends.

a bunch of my favorite people in iowa city got together on wednesday night to craft! my friend kaylee orchestrated this fun, sudsy little project for us. so onto your questions:

a felted soap bar is simply a bar of soap which is covered in felt.
felt is simply wool that has undergone a significant amount of friction

so to make these felted soap bar, we covered delicious smelling soap in wool, slipped it carefully into a stocking [or knee-high as i like to call them] and scrubbed our little hearts out. we were all covered in suds and our hands felt a little dry, but we had these beautiful creations to show for it!

i happen to really like brown, okay? i know it kind-of looks like hairy nastiness, but the heart is cute right?

in the end, we all have a felted soap bar that we can use as a loofa and a bar of soap all at the same time!

3 thoughts on “felted soap bars

  1. Is it a homemade soap or a bar of store-bought soap? Aunt Barb and I saw them a couple months ago, but neither of us has had time to do them. I like the brown one too. And the little ducky on the blue.
    Aunt Sarah

  2. Hi Aunt Sarah!
    We used store-bought soap this time around, homemade soap would probably work just fine too!

    It was a fun project, and took only about 5-7 minutes of scrubbing per each soap bar.

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