back on the blog horse


here’s an interesting fact, i’m writing this blog without a working delete key. it’s my own fault of course, i knocked over my hot chocolate yesterday. while i was lucky enough to get only a few drops on my laptop, those drops landed on the delete key. i wish it would have been the “\” key instead. bleh. we’ll see if i can get through this blog without getting so frustrated that i want to throw my macbook up against the wall. because that would only make things worse.

if i can’t fix it, i’ll just have to get really good at the “highlight and replace” method that i’m currently using  as a form of deleting. it’s that or suddenly becoming perfect at the art of type.


you may have noticed that i took a little break after a couple weeks of crazy blogging and giveaways. i hope that was okay, i was a little burnt out. but it was so much fun to give stuff away and write about things that get me really excited.

you also may have noticed that i’m back on the blog horse this week, with the usual posts and such. i’m reserving the thursday time slot for random thoughts of mine, because blogging can be a nice way to write out some things i’m thinking about.

i don’t actually know if the haiku tuesday thing will last, but i’m really into haiku’s right now. i think they’re the next trendy thing.

i really want to start craft of week again, but time for crafting has been so elusive for me. on the other hand, i’m pretty sure that’s the most popular segment of this blog, so i think i’ll try to make it a higher priority.

so that’s what’s happening on the blog. and that’s how my thoughts come out when i’m not trying very hard. two sentence paragraphs with no flow.

here’s to hoping i can get my delete key fixed in a timely fashion!

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