infinity scarf [rust & gray]


i’m a little bit in love with this scarf.

it’s my first infinity scarf, and it’s actually all for me. i didn’t make it with anyone in mind to give it to, and now i love it so much i think i’ll just keep it for myself. and thanks to my love for good sales even when i don’t have a project in mind, this scarf cost less than $10 for the materials. you definitely can’t buy a 100% merino wool scarf for that cheap, people.

the above picture shows how long it is, but this is likely how i’ll wear it most of the time:

and for the knitters out there, here are the basics of this scarf:

i used two 50g skeins of super aussie 100% merino plus a tiny bit of leftover gray that i had from another project.
i also used a US10 35″ circular needle

cast on 225 (or a multiple of 3) stitches, join yarn and repeat rows one and two until desired thickness is reached or you run out of yarn (which is what happened to me)

R1: kkp (repeat x 75)
R2: kpp (repeat x 75)

it feels so good to have completed a craft again! finishing knitting projects always seems to give me such momentum. here’s to more crafts to come!

happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “infinity scarf [rust & gray]

  1. Anonymous

    oh my gosh, lisa grace someone at one time “attempted” to teach me how to knit, and everytime I see something awesome someone has made, I am like, “wow, I wish I was good at that kind of thin!” So, way to go for being so awesome!
    -Erin Scott

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