aftermath of the car accident

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i’ve mentioned that i got in a car accident in early october. i was on my way to ames to have some sister/mother bonding time. i was so excited about spending an afternoon shopping with my sister and going out to dinner with my mom. i left iowa city at 11:30am and was planning on getting to ames by 1:30pm.

but i didn’t get to ames until close to 3pm because i hit someone on the interstate.

why did i hit a car? because the car suddenly crossed three lanes of traffic into my lane, where i braked, swerved into the ditch and swerved back into my lane which resulted in the hit of her car and the ditching of my car.

it was not fun or amusing. and i was sorely disappointed at the time this was taking away from my family. and at the same time, this was the best car accident to get into. ever.

first of all, myself and my car could have been much, much worse. it could have flipped, i could have been stuck inside, i could have been injured. lots of things. as it were, i wasn’t even sore the next day and my car was still completely drivable. my car incurred a sizable dent, but nothing else seems to be wrong with it.

second of all, the other driver was not hurt either.

third of all, other cars could have easily been involved. it was a crowded interstate but we were the only two cars involved in the accident.

fourth of all, we got a bunch of money for the damages! well, it was a bunch of money considering that we decided to leave the dent in the car and keep the cash.

bryan and i have been talking a lot about how to make the most of this unexpected money in the last week.

what would you do if you received a totally unexpected amount of money? 

2 thoughts on “aftermath of the car accident

  1. I would probably do a happy dance because unexpected money is always nice and praise Jesus! Then I would (in all honesty) probably think about how I could spend it on things that I wanted but didn't have the money for. Then I would probably feel horribly guilty for the thought of using it all for myself (or our family's wants). In the end, I would hope that I would give thanks to Jesus and give back to His kingdom. And if I were you, I would totally put most of it towards your hubby's school loan (since I know you are trying to not incur much debt) and also go out on a nice date with your love:-)

    Yay for you and your unexpected money!!!!!!

  2. Jenni

    Jobin and I would talk about all the frivolous ways we could spend the money, and would Google our options and price ridiculously expensive items. Then we'd decide we didn't need the frivolous thing, indulge in a modest luxury (dinner out at a fancy place or maybe a massage) and use rest of the money to pay off bills/increase our savings/donate to a worthy cause. Research shows that part of the joy one gets from a vacation or luxurious purchase is the planning/anticipation.

    If I were YOU, LisaGrace, I'd buy a plane ticket to California for a nice little vacation… 🙂

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