sneak peaks and crafting updates


above is a detail shot of what i finished up yesterday. i’ll have a more detailed blog about this on friday. do you think you have a more accurate guess as to what it is? it’s the same thing shown in this blog.


this is what i’m working on for next week’s craft of the week.


and this is just something i’m really excited about! my first dress pattern! i may not get to this for a while, but isn’t it an adorable dress?

in other news, i updated this craft of the week because i received several questions about it. let me know if you still don’t know what a “replacement cotton square” is. : )

and i also think i’m going to add at least one tutorial in per month to my craft of the week blogs. i received a lot of interest on how i did the piping on a simple pillow case, so i think i’ll start with that!

ps: this post has been backdated!

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