homeschooling 103


part three-the other stuff about homeschooling!


aside from our daily worksheets and periodic test in our regular subjects, we also went to “enrichment class” once a week, where we had physical education of sorts and art. let me tell you that all of us homeschoolers in one school gym was, as you would imagine, a funny sight to see. [i only say this in hindsight, as i am guilty of thinking i was actually cool]

however much of a nerdfest it was, enrichment class was a great way for us to interact with other kids, as well as play oregon trail on the computer, run around like crazy in the gym, make art projects, weave baskets, have valentines day parties, and even be involved in a little local theatre!

we were only homeschooled in elementary school and i really enjoyed both be homeschooled at a young age and going to public school. entering the public school system in middle school worked well, because at the time, there were nine elementary schools funneling into the junior high school, so none of us were really considered the “new kid.” i would say we’re all pretty normal socially, half of us at least are considered “cool.” [i’m talking about levi, adam and alyssa, of course, i don’t know if i’ll ever make cool status]

i’m not going to lie, sometimes we would con my mom into letting us have a day off by telling her we’d clean the entire house [pretty good deal, right?] and she’d cave. sometimes, she would also let us have a “where in the usa is carmen san diego?” game day. and every once in a while, she’d even break out the box of cards and we’d play a little texas canasta. again, she was pretty relaxed.

overall, i believe we will homeschool our future red-headed children, at least in early elementary school. homeschooling in my family taught me that every child is different. my mom had 6 very different children. she had me, who taught myself how to read, and my brother, who seemed to learn everything kicking and screaming. we all made it through school and we all got decent grades if we tried.

so far, no one has had any questions, so i’ll leave it at that! but if you do have questions, let me know. i’d be happy to post a q&a blog!

One thought on “homeschooling 103

  1. So you're going to homeschool your future red-headed children. What about the brunettes and blondes? Do they just get left by the side of the road for someone else to raise?

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