she researched


i’m running out of “what would ami do?” posts, i believe this series will be finished by june. however, stay with me, because in may i’ll be tackling possibly the three biggest decisions my mom made regarding motherhood:

choosing not to vaccinate
staying at home

but in preparation, i’ll tell you something i admire most about my mom. she can read boring research books like it’s her job.

the older i get, the more i realize that i am my mother. i think all women go through this. we turn into our mothers because, hey, we turned out okay, right?

and though i did take to reading at a very young age, this is one quality of my mom that i don’t possess. i hate reading anything but fiction. ugh, i dread the thought of it. i have to fight to finish anything that is non-fiction, unless it’s a novel written about a true story or something.

i’m just hoping that when i become a mom, i will naturally become awesome at this. i envy those of you who have this quality. (ahem, paige)

my mom didn’t just make her unconventional decisions off the fly or because she was a rebel without a cause, she read and read and read and read some more. and the more she read, the more she leaned towards these decisions. both home-birth and choosing not to vaccinate were not her original plans, but her resources and research led her to those decisions.

i greatly admire how much she cared about us to spend so much time and energy poring over books and researching. thanks mom!

stay tuned for next week!