‘member that time?


‘member that afternoon when i was really, really cranky so my mom sent me to take a nap even though i was like seven? and ‘member how i completely agreed with her, but as i was trying to fall asleep, every one else in was in the kitchen having the time of their lives while i was unfairly stuck in my room to take a nap?

‘member how i decided the best thing to do was to send them a message telling them of my struggle to fall asleep as they were having such fun?

‘member how i literally “sent them a message” via paper airplane? but ‘member how i was awful at making paper airplanes, so mine only flew like two feet and didn’t get anywhere near them? ‘member how no one even noticed that i was out of my room and trying desperately to send them a paper airplane so i started waving and making noises and stuff but they still didn’t notice me?

‘member how i was now also infuriated by the fact that they didn’t notice me that i made a sign that said,


and ‘member i cleared my throat real loud so everyone in the kitchen noticed me and i pointed to the sign i had placed on the ledge but everyone just looked at me all confused and such and so i read the sign out loud in my nastiest of voices and marched back up the stairs to my room and took a nap?

yeah, my mom was right, i did need a nap.

[it’s ‘member that time monday at the van voorst‘s blog!]

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