knit kit pouch


last week, i showed you the knitter’s bag i made for my friend shea. well, shea got a bonus pouch out of me just because she’s so awesome. and because there was a lot of extra fabric. [there is still about a half a yard, shea, so if you think of anything else you want, let me know!]

she actually came up with idea when we were picking out fabric together in joann’s. she wanted a little pouch to put her various stitch markers and small knitting tools inside. we looked at zippers, but they were all so long, so we left without the plan for me to make one.

when i discovered that you can shorten a zipper to whatever length you like, i decided to surprise shea and whip one up for her! it was only my second time working with a zipper, and my first was on a skirt i made for my sister when i was in high school. not only was i a little out of practice, but i just in general had no idea what i was doing. but that’s how i roll, i make things up as i go!

i figured it out for the most part, and once again, it’s not perfect, but it’ll do the job!

here’s the matching pair!


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