in progress


did you doubt me? were you worried that i’d fallen off the crafting cliff? i’m sure you really didn’t care, but i have a craft update for you anyway!

i’ve been crafty as usual, i’ve just been lazy about getting pictures up to complete my crafty blog posts. sorry! i don’t have any completed projects from this week, but i have some progress pictures.


this is almost finished, it’s a knitter’s bag for my dear friend, shea. it’s not perfect, but i think it coming along nicely, you’ll likely see the finished project next friday!

speaking of knitting, can anyone guess what this might be?


i’ll give you a hint, it’s from the book i just finished reading: a knitter’s home companion.

still no clue? i guess you just have to wait and see!

happy crafting, and sorry for the late posts!

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