‘member that time?


‘member that time when my baby sister was born on my six and halfth birthday? and i was just so excited to finally have a sister?

‘member how my grandma was all like, hey lisagrace, let’s get some new clothes for your sister at target, could you help me find it? and i was all like, yeah, i’m six and a half, i can give good directions to target.

‘member how i knew where the first turn was, but i just could not figure out where the second turn was and i kept telling my grandma to turn right one block too early? ‘member how we went in like six circles before my grandma just stopped at a gas station and asked where it was and the dude was all like, yeah, it’s just like a block over.

and now when i’m lost, i always go further then i think i should.

[it’s ‘member that time monday at the van voorst‘s blog!]

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