ima winker


in the past few week i’ve realized something about myself.

i’m a winker.

it’s awkward, i know. i don’t even know when i started to do it…it just kind-of…happened. i can’t explain myself. i have no excuse for my actions. if you judge me, i’ll completely understand.

one day, i was making jokes and laughing like a normal person and the next, i was winking. i was working at hyvee and joked about the weather and iowa and i winked. just like that. like i’d been doing it my whole life. when did i become so cliche and charming? when?!

where do i go for support, or rehab or whatever? is it intentional or an uncontrollable eye twitch? is it a learned trait or does it run in my family?

i don’t know, guys, i just don’t know. so many questions, so many fears.

at least i’m not ugly.

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