what kind-of stockings should i make?


I really want to make Bryan and I stockings this year, but I just don’t know what kind I want to make.

I could knit some stockings, but for some reason I’m drawn to cross-stitching. I like the idea of a more modern Christmas look, but at the same time, I really LOVE kitchy stuff and cheesy Christmas decor. And since it’s not adorning my house all year round, you might as well go crazy with cheesiness right?

What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

move over, honey nut scooters


ah, we’ve had a good run. you’ve been good to me, i promise, but you as well as i know that i can’t pass up a chance to save $.40

there’s a new generic brand of honey nut goodness around. it’s sweeter, crispier and the little oh’s get stuck together sometimes making my munching experience a little more interesting. sorry, scooters, did i mention they’re forty cents cheaper than you? yeah, well. i guess this is goodbye…………

hello honey nut crispy oats from ALDI, the greatest place in the grocery shopping world! tortilla chips for $.99, fresh salsa for $1.99, and pepperoni for $1.99! not to mention the rock bottom price for perhaps my favorite food in the world: off-brand honey nut cheerios. only $1.59 a box. ALDI can’t pull off cap’n crunch, but they sure do whip out a mean honey nut crispy oat.

i’m a happy camper.