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23 things I love about my husband

23 He’s a ginger. [i really want redheaded children] 22 He’s exactly my height, which means we are very hug compatible. 21 He’s very cuddly. He loves being near me, and snuggling me and keeping me warm in the winter. 20 He’s really very silly. He loves being awkward, crazy, and even just a little bit weird. 19 He’s incredibly easy-going. He’s never in a hurry [which drives me nuts sometimes] and he’s always calming me down and giving me perspective. 18 He has a definite cool factor. He is very likable and respectable among the majority of people. 17 He plays the bass guitar like a pro. 16 He can learn pretty much any instrument he desires. 15 He’s really smart, and an even harder worker. I have never had any doubts that he’ll provide for me and our family. 14 When he sets his mind to something, there is no changing it. 13 He’s madly in love me, and sometimes I don’t understand why or how I’m so lucky. 12 He is the most attractive man I’ve ever met, in complete honesty. I’ve never been so attracted to mere physical features. 11 He has incredible taste in music. 10 He always knows what kind-of music I’ll like or what movies I’ll like. 9 He challenges me to depend on God. 8 He loves people, particularly people that are hard to love. [he’d love to hang out with the homeless all day] 7 He has a heart for worship. 6 He’s famous. 5 He is always seeking to go deeper in his relationship with God and to gain more knowledge and wisdom from God’s word. 4 He thinks I’m hilarious and laughs at me all the time. 3 He pursues me and loves me and serves me as Christ pursues, loves and serves the church. 2 He gets excited when we talk about our future children, he’ll be an awesome and super fun dad. 1 He has an incredible God story and he loves God more than me.

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