Oh man, I feel like elevensies right now.

Anyway. Bryan and I have been married for ELEVEN months today. Holla! That’s almost a year, in case you were wondering. This past month has been…to put it lightly…CRRRAAAAAAZZZYYY!
Crazy in the sense that we OWN A (mobile) HOME (yeah, you know you’re jealous, our home can move around if we want it to)
Crazy in the sense that we saw God provide once again with $6,128.00 of Scholarship Money.

Crazy in the sense that I’ve been so busy with I don’t even what! I seriously have had ZERO to NO time and I’m not really sure why. The expected culprits are: Crafty Projects (which I’ll hopefully be blogging about soon), Relationships (mostly new ones with Iowa City Bound Folk) and Traveling (today I’m going to Iowa City for the third time in the last three weeks).
Crazy in the sense that our TV has been OFF this entire week, and we’ve been crazy productive because of it! (ok, we watched LOST, I’ll admit it. But we didn’t watch it on our TV, and we still dropped from 15-20 hours a week of TV, video games, and movies, to ONE 45 minute episode)

So, yeah, we have crazy lives right now.

Other notables from this month:

Bryan is doing AMAZING in his Stat class at ISU. I knew he would, he has such a brain for weird things like statistics-but still, I’m SO proud of him! The last test he took was out of 85 or something, the average score was around 56 or something and BRYAN got a 72 or something! He’s excited to be done with school in a week and a half!

And while we’re talking about recent accomplishments, as of yesterday I have an entire book of the Bible memorized! If you want to hear it, make sure you carve out around 40 minutes of time, because that’s about how long it takes me to say it!

Tomorrow, we close on our trailer, so you’ll definitely see some pictures soon!

Next time I write one of these, I’ll be writing from the perspective of having been married for a YEAR! Wahoo!