We have a mortgage…


And a mobile home.

Yep, you read correctly, we were in Iowa City last weekend, and I DID remember to bring my camera so I could show off our humble abode to you all. With no further ado, here are the pictures!

Ain’t she a beaut?

The huge front window that provides all that home-y natural light

The living room

The kitchen

The master bedroom. See that cute little stain-glass window looking into the master bathroom? We’re high-class now. (Not my favorite part of the house…)

Hey, we have a skylight! But we also have a mirrors around our bathtub which kind-of grosses me out and those curtains are sweeeeeeettttt.

But look at our awesome over-sized tub!

And our big walk-in closet!

The second half of the house, gotta love that wallpaper!

The tiny room and Bryan’s future music room

Oh yes, the second bathroom, you bet we get to keep that shower curtain.

My future office and the guest bedroom. Don’t worry, we are totally keeping those plaid curtain, who could resist those! (hopefully you’re catching my sarcasm here)

Now this is the most exciting part! A huge shed! With electric running to it! My dream for this space: DEEP. FREEZE.

Despite some decorating projects, we are incredibly blessed! Can’t wait to show you what we do with the place!

Iowa City Retreat


Bryan and I went to Iowa City this past weekend for the Iowa City church planting retreat. It was really, really good. We started Friday night with worship, fellowship and confessing (anonymously) the lies we’ve been believing. As Lance read our lies, we fought them with scripture, at least one piece of truth for every lie. What a great way to start the weekend.

After our mini service together, we broke up into groups, and went out on the town! It was fun to get out into Iowa City (friday) night life and get a taste of where we’re moving. Overall, I think everyone went to bed in awe of the craziness but also the amazing cool-ness of the city. I know I kept thinking, “I want to live here!” The Ped-Mall area is just so full of life, cool shops, and amazing food!

Troy Nesbitt spoke to us on Saturday morning, sharing with us, as a new church, things that he and Cornerstone have learned from starting a new church. This was probably my favorite part. I really want to remember ALL of these things as we transition into our new church family:

  1. JESUS (that’s what all that matters)
  2. Be known for what we are, not what we’re not
  3. Know and be known by everyone in our church (while it’s still small enough for that to possible)
  4. Welcome the outsider in. Write their names down and remember them! (There’s the word in the Bible that we translate into hospitality, it literally means “lover of strangers.” I love that!)
  5. Except big things, but focus on celebrating all things
  6. The poor matter, so do the rich
  7. Athletes and Artists are both people. People matter.
  8. Generosity begins where obedience ends and giving everything is best
  9. People mess it up, it’ll hurt
  10. Authentic is Accountability
  11. Have critical conversations (when you are most scared to do something, that should motivate you to do it)
  12. Prayer actually works, tell people why you’re praying for them
  13. We (Cornerstone) came up with the Three C’s on purpose [Celebrate, Connect, Contribute]
  14. Missional living is unnatural and always hard (but it becomes addictive)