Reaching for Perfection


I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m a perfectionist. An obsessive, compulsive, downright crazy perfectionist.

There is something so curious about perfectionists if I do say so myself. The word perfectionist kind-of implies that I’m excellent at everything but really it just means that I despise my own imperfections. I don’t enjoy messing up and often I’ll just give up if I can’t make it perfect.

I’m am growing, mostly because God doesn’t put up with my foolishness for too long.

But I’m also getting more and more comfortable with who God made me to be. I’m a perfectionist and a little crazy sometimes, but I think I’m ok with that. And I’m convinced that I should definitely keep striving for the excellence that always seems just out of reach.

The current application for this: I’ve been pretty disappointed with my finance blogs. They are far from perfect and they have been driving me crazy! Did you notice that I seem to have given up? Yeah, that has been driving me crazy too, because I also hate not finishing what I start.

So, in application of striving for excellence, I’m starting over! I’m going to take some time to develop a game plan and write some rough drafts out. I want to write with excellence and honesty, because I know there actually are a few of you who this thing!

I love blogging and I love personal finance, and I want to combine those two things with excellence.

You can look forward to new and improved finance articles starting April 30th!

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