staying excited about salvation


Following typical Sunday routine, I went to church with my husband and one of his best friends, Joel, who became a believer about a year and a half ago. We’re going through Ephesians as a church and if you’ve ever read Ephesians, it’s easy to feel the joy of salvation as it just reeks from the text. Adoption, inheritance, and chosen are the words used to describe the relationship we are to have with the Father. It’s a happy thing!

Admittedly, though it should feel easy to get sucked into that joy, I find it’s difficult for me to appreciate the true gift of salvation, to truly recognize the power of the gospel. Can I get an amen?

During worship that Sunday morning, I couldn’t help but being overcome with jealousy for what Joel (and even Bryan) had that I didn’t: A fresh view of the gospel, of salvation.

Jealousy was followed quickly by conviction and the Holy Spirit led me to write down exactly what was going through my heart. Directly quoted from scribbles on my church program:

“Is it possible that I am so numb to salvation because I am not experiencing it often enough? I of course can not experience it again in my own life but I could-if I was involved enough-experience it again and again vicariously through others…”

Though Joel has been a believer for a year and half already, there is still much that is new to him. It’s still easy to compare the new Joel to the old and it’s hard not to smile at the obvious changes. And Bryan too gets to experience salvation in a new way, being so directly involved in Joel’s life and story.

It made me ponder. Maybe, God’s command to share the gospel isn’t simply what’s best for those who need to hear it, but it’s also best for us and for me, who need to be reminded of the power of salvation.

Could I possibly serve a God who has my best interests in mind when He asks me to do something?

hmmm. Interesting theory, eh?

I think I’m becoming convinced that the key to staying excited about salvation is experiencing it…as many times as possible. And God has already given us a manual for this experience. Go. Make disciples. Share the Truth!

month six: what we’ve been up to…

1: Going to Church. (I stole this picture from Mark Arant’s blog)

2: Finishing up the decor in our living room.

3: Getting rear-ended.

4: Eating Chocolate Ice Cream.

5: Retreating

6: Teaching Bass Lessons.

7: Watching Planet Earth.

8: Voting.

9: Being impressed with my brother Adam’s skillz.

10: Playing the banji

my life is a construction zone, hard hat required.

My Life: Under Construction
Micah 3:3

To several different people, I have recently described my life as a construction zone, a remodel if you will. Jesus Christ purchased me with His blood and though I am stubborn in my own sinful structure, He has torn down walls, ripped out the flooring, threw my appliances to the curb and so on. This is an ongoing process, of course, one that has been at work since the beginning of my relationship with Him. Slowly but surely, He makes me new.

But recently, this construction site of mine has become a little intense. Think: Extreme Home Makeover style. One week to blow up a house and build a new one from scratch.

There have been many, many things God has been teaching me and many things in my happy LisaGrace world that have been shattered because of it. And I intend to share all of it with whoever chooses to listen. Here’s a current list of the things I’ve been stewing over:

  1. The complete plan for our lives as believers: Staying excited about Salvation
  2. Is it wisdom or selfishness? Being vulnerable versus being a pushover
  3. Insight in the world of Christian women: Relating to the Corinthians
  4. Study versus Passion when it comes to the Word of God
  5. What does the Sabbath look like for me?
  6. The Holy Spirit actually does stuff! Cool!
  7. This life is hard, suck it up and get to work. (stole that from Travis Pierce)
  8. What do I do after I share the gospel?

Stay tuned faithful readers!

prices revealed!


So maybe you didn’t play my game, but I still wanted to brag about the awesome prices I got! : )

Giant Trunk: $25.00

Small Storage Chest: $9.00

Retro Yellow Chair: $10.00



guess how much?


I got some GREAT pieces of furniture to finish off our living room at the Junk Refunkery. Can you guess how much each of these cost?

Giant Trunk
(It fits ALL of our board games and serves as a coffee table! Amazing!)

Small Storage Chest

Retro Yellow Chair

a long apology for a long absence


I really enjoy blogging. I love writing. I love sharing about our lives and marriage and journey. And it’s totally therapeutic for me to take time to digest things by writing it out.

But I ran into a problem with blogging this past month: I don’t want to be a “Ranter.”

I personally become so burdened and bogged down after I read a particularly negative anything (blog, facebook status, etc.) written by anyone (friend or not).

Frankly, for me, this past month has been full of hard things, and I haven’t had many positive things to say. But I didn’t want to bog myself, or anyone reading my blog down with all the negativeness.

Hence, I haven’t been blogging much.

I want to stay positive, even in the blogosphere. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to fake a happy attitude, but in my heart I know that even negative things are really good. I know that everything in my life is part of the journey of life and more specifically part of my spiritual growth.

I told one of my good friends that the recent weeks of my life have been ones in which God seems to be tearing me apart. It hurts, but I know its a good hurt. He desires to put me back together His way. This Anthem Band lyric has been speaking loud and clear to me:

“Destroy our hearts so we can recover.”

(From, “Take the Day.” thanks Ryan Seiler)


But don’t despair, I think I’m on the mend from all the construction God’s been doing in my life. I’ve been learning so much from Him and changing in ways that I really didn’t want to. : )

And I have a lot to say about it too! More blogs are coming soon from the Alsbury home!