staying excited about salvation


Following typical Sunday routine, I went to church with my husband and one of his best friends, Joel, who became a believer about a year and a half ago. We’re going through Ephesians as a church and if you’ve ever read Ephesians, it’s easy to feel the joy of salvation as it just reeks from the text. Adoption, inheritance, and chosen are the words used to describe the relationship we are to have with the Father. It’s a happy thing!

Admittedly, though it should feel easy to get sucked into that joy, I find it’s difficult for me to appreciate the true gift of salvation, to truly recognize the power of the gospel. Can I get an amen?

During worship that Sunday morning, I couldn’t help but being overcome with jealousy for what Joel (and even Bryan) had that I didn’t: A fresh view of the gospel, of salvation.

Jealousy was followed quickly by conviction and the Holy Spirit led me to write down exactly what was going through my heart. Directly quoted from scribbles on my church program:

“Is it possible that I am so numb to salvation because I am not experiencing it often enough? I of course can not experience it again in my own life but I could-if I was involved enough-experience it again and again vicariously through others…”

Though Joel has been a believer for a year and half already, there is still much that is new to him. It’s still easy to compare the new Joel to the old and it’s hard not to smile at the obvious changes. And Bryan too gets to experience salvation in a new way, being so directly involved in Joel’s life and story.

It made me ponder. Maybe, God’s command to share the gospel isn’t simply what’s best for those who need to hear it, but it’s also best for us and for me, who need to be reminded of the power of salvation.

Could I possibly serve a God who has my best interests in mind when He asks me to do something?

hmmm. Interesting theory, eh?

I think I’m becoming convinced that the key to staying excited about salvation is experiencing it…as many times as possible. And God has already given us a manual for this experience. Go. Make disciples. Share the Truth!

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