my life is a construction zone, hard hat required.

My Life: Under Construction
Micah 3:3

To several different people, I have recently described my life as a construction zone, a remodel if you will. Jesus Christ purchased me with His blood and though I am stubborn in my own sinful structure, He has torn down walls, ripped out the flooring, threw my appliances to the curb and so on. This is an ongoing process, of course, one that has been at work since the beginning of my relationship with Him. Slowly but surely, He makes me new.

But recently, this construction site of mine has become a little intense. Think: Extreme Home Makeover style. One week to blow up a house and build a new one from scratch.

There have been many, many things God has been teaching me and many things in my happy LisaGrace world that have been shattered because of it. And I intend to share all of it with whoever chooses to listen. Here’s a current list of the things I’ve been stewing over:

  1. The complete plan for our lives as believers: Staying excited about Salvation
  2. Is it wisdom or selfishness? Being vulnerable versus being a pushover
  3. Insight in the world of Christian women: Relating to the Corinthians
  4. Study versus Passion when it comes to the Word of God
  5. What does the Sabbath look like for me?
  6. The Holy Spirit actually does stuff! Cool!
  7. This life is hard, suck it up and get to work. (stole that from Travis Pierce)
  8. What do I do after I share the gospel?

Stay tuned faithful readers!

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