october’s getting off to a great start!


quoted from a previous blog, here’s what i want the month of october to look like:

“not sure if [streamlining] is the right word, but basically i want to “deal with today’s problems today.” and have a life that is somewhat predictable and efficient. ok, so that sounds incredibly boring when i put it like that. but i want to “streamline” my home so that things don’t get so piled up. i want to have systems in place for the laundry, the mail, meal times, and things like that. i feel that this will both honor my husband and keep me from going crazy.”

this blessed first day of october got off to a rough start! my plans of getting up earlier and starting my day off right were crushed by yesterday.

it all starts with car repair: bryan’s heater was broken so he took it in. well, the joys of vehicle repair would have us shell out $2,000.00 to get it in good running condition. alright, cool. (i’ll write later on how this will effect our financial goals of 2009)

we did leave it at the shop to get almost everything fixed, save a few things. so we were, and are, a one car family. last night i had escape and bryan had to practice for salt so bryan came early with me to escape, i got a ride home from jasey and bryan kept the car so he could drive home from practice. just so you know, he also kept the car keys with him…which also had my set of apartment keys, see where this is going?

so, as soon as i exited jasey’s car, i realized i’m not going to be able to get into our apartment. and i didn’t exactly want to sit in the hallway from 9:30-12:30, so i asked jasey to take me to me parents house. she graciously did and i waited there for bryan to get done with salt practice.

so, we both had a really long day yesterday. and we consequently got up a little late. today, october 1st, will probably be another long day. but we always continue to feel so, super, incredibly blessed by the hand in life God has graciously dealt to us.

i’m so thankful we have food in our bellies, clothes on our back and a roof over our heads. praise Him! and happy october!