i love my brother.

you know how sisters never call their brothers by their nicknames? like when everyone else called the neighbor boy “stinky pete” but the polite girl called him “peter.”*

anyway, my brother’s “nickname,” if you will, happens to be markduvick. everyone calls him that. even bryan, my husband and mark’s brother-in-law. bryan seriously says to me sometimes, “i saw markduvick today…” really?!?!

yeah, well, it’s possible i need to jump on the bandwagon of calling my OWN brother by markduvick before there are some serious mix-ups. here are two examples from the last week and a half.

lg: well, yeah, he’s been hanging out with mark.
a: mark arant?
lg: noooo, mark, my brother.


lg: if both bryan and i died later on in life, i’d probably give my kids to mark.
p: mark arant?
lg: um, noooo, mark, my brother.
p: oh, that actually makes more sense.

bahahahaha. well, i guess the moral of the story is that no matter how famous my little bro is, mark arant is still MORE famous.

*that is actually a reference to famed childhood stories my dad used to tell us when we were kids. i, obviously was always the polite kid. : )

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