auntie LisaGrace and uncle Bryan! wahoo!


i call myself an ‘aunt’ to a lot of children, mainly atticus van voorst and the witthoeft children. but now bryan and i are going to REALLY be an aunt and an uncle and i couldn’t be more excited!

my brother luke and his girlfriend diana are due in august with the first official duvick grandbaby! (i say official because we ALL count atticus as a part of our family, but you know…)

i hope its a boy, i don’t know why. but i don’t really care. i’m just excited! bryan is totally going to be crazy uncle bryan! i really did want to be an aunt before i was a mom! i’m so blessed!

wow. my thoughts are really scatterbrained because i’m so excited.

but anyway, that’s the exciting news. on a related note, it got bryan and i talking about when his sister was going to have kids. they are going to have the cuuuuuttttest kids, little half-indian babys. i’m so excited.

maybe i just love babies. yep. i love babies and i’m going to have one in my family soon. : )