Welcome to my space.

My full name is Lisagrace Alsbury.  I’ve never gone by Lisa in my life.  I’ve always been Lisagrace.  It’s weird, especially because I have 5 siblings, all with incredibly normal and simple names.  Luke, Levi, Mark, Adam and Alyssa.  I’m sandwiched in between Levi and Mark, if you were curious.

I got married when I was an old 20-years-old to my best friend and the hottest redhead ever on May 23, 2009.  His name is a Bryan Alsbury.  By association alone, I became about 10 times cooler when I married him.  He’s incredibly easy going and yet very sure of himself, confident in the skills he has.  People instantly like him, coolness exudes from him.  And he’s humble enough that he’d be annoyed that I wrote that.  He’s perfect for me.

It could be said that I love learning new tricks.  I have this silent ambition to learn everything there is to know, provided I have an interest in it.  So far in my life, I’ve had an interest in many things, and I’ve become bored of many things.  Reading, writing, organizing and crafts of any kind have kept my attention.  Cooking has not.

In March of 2013, Bryan and I moved from Iowa to Washington state.  We sold almost everything we had collected for our selves and took 13 boxes and a few suitcases with us.  So far, we’re enjoying this current adventure in life.

I really enjoy making people laugh.  In most circumstances, I try to be as witty and thereby as hilarious as possible.  You’re welcome.

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