Up House Pin Cushion | #lisagracemade



I have amazing friends in my life.  These friends of mine know how much I like to a) make things, b) a challenge and c) giving handmade things to them.  I love getting inspiration from my friends and having a reason to make something new.  One of these friends is Kaylee, here she is:


It’s pretty obvious how great she is.  Kaylee is always texting me pictures or ideas that I, obviously, need to make for her from scratch.  It usually takes me 6 months too long, but I always catch her inspiration and do my best to make something awesome.  I think I succeeded here.  This pin cushion is based on the “UP” house, and the pins are the balloons – pretty cute right?  I wish I could have found some bigger quilting pins, but these did fine for our little photo shoot.


This little creation was only my second needle felted project, so I’m still very much an amateur, but I always love learning new crafts!