washington life


We just became members of Mars Hill Church Federal Way. Bryan plays bass, we’re involved in our community group, and I’m going to a Women’s Bible Study. I hope to find a place to serve this fall. Mars Hill is truth-teaching, community-oriented, gospel-focused, growing church, which is exactly what it should be and what our standards are for a church. But it will definitely take a while for it to feel like home. We’re here, we’re committed, we’re investing our time and energy. I trust that God will take of the rest.


I’ve been growing my hair out since I cut all but one inch off a year and half ago and it’s growing quickly. I also started wearing make-up daily which is totally new for me.


We live next to a 7-Eleven (it’s like a gas station without the gas) which makes our “neighborhood” immeasurably more shady. But Bryan can get up to 6 different slurpee flavors (and he got a free one yesterday on 7/11!) and Shaq Soda there so we’re pretty happy about that.

Our neighbors are insanely friendly. One Saturday, we were invited to our downstairs neighbors game night (super nice guy named Nate) and invited to drink until daylight with our next door neighbor, Calvin. Can you guess which neighbor we hung out with?

Oh, and also, three nights ago, neighbor Nate MADE US A CAKE.  Like, it was specifically for us and he waited for us to get home from community group to give it to us.  WHAT?!

And the awesome couple that sold us our table?  They keep bringing us awesome things like plates and glasses and tupperware and canned food.  We feel pretty fortunate to have such a great apartment in such a great neighborhood.


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