completely expected emotion.


WARNING: this post is not for the faint of heart…i cried pretty much the whole time i wrote this. 

at this particular moment, i’m feeling pretty sad about the friends we’ve left behind in iowa. seriously, can’t you all move here please? like right now?

i had a moment today where i just needed to cry. and those of you who know me well know that i’m a community cryer. and i had a thought that only made me more sad: i have no one to cry with here! 
i better find some friends who i can dump on soon…(my apologies to my future friends in the seattle area) 
friends, if you doubted it for a second, I REALLY MISS YOU. 
i stayed very busy this week with my new job (as well as corresponding with everyone at Veritas to make sure everything is still running smoothly there…) but after the work week was over, i finally had time to think about our HUGE loss. man, we had it good in iowa. so many wonderful people, so many best of the best friends. i logged on to facebook to take my mind off of the sadness i’m finally feeling only to see the wonderful veritas community reaching out and helping each other (it was you, mikki, offering to help watch karlee’s three kids while she’s at the hospital with little garrison, just in case you’re wondering). STOP IT, YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE, YOU’RE MAKING CRY! 
i desperately miss our my little veritas staff family, and even more so my connection group family, and even more so my sweet, sweet little group of friends. not to mention my actual family…they are the best. 
yes, we really had it good.
still, we’re really happy to be here, you should know that. God has really been so good to us, and we continue to see that in our lives, even in our short time here. so it’s not all sad. 
okay. i’m feeling better now, looks like i just needed to cry with you, readers. there will definitely be more tears to come. 
BUT, until then, i have lots of other happy, fluffy and silly things i want to write about, so look forward to hearing from me soon!

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