the boiled down version of new year’s resolutions


so far, 2012 has been about surviving for me. surviving at work, surviving at home, surviving life. it totally sucks, really. i don’t want to just survive life. i want to own life, like really, own it. i want to wake up and tell life what it’s gonna be today.

but alas, life has been so busy that i’ve had to resort to survival mode. it happens, you know? usually in january, too. i mean what the heck.

while everyone else in the world has started (and many have already failed) their new year’s resolutions already. i’m staying ahead of the curve because i haven’t even thought about my new year’s resolutions. boom, roasted.

really, if i had time to actually think about my goals for life at this point, it would really boil down to the one sentence answer i have had time to think about. be awesome at life. that’s really what goals are anyway, the means to the end of being awesome at life.

so that’s what i’ve got for you people, four words. be awesome at life. january is over today, but that’s all i’ve got. i don’t have a list, a plan or even made up statistics for you, maybe someday, after survival mode has hit.

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