blogging is a funny sport


there are good bloggers and notsogood bloggers, but was does it really matter if you’re good or no good? sure you could be making some money, but it’s not like it’s your livelihood. sure you could have a million readers, but if your family likes seeing all those cute pictures of your kids, that’s the main goal, right?

and we get so upset if people don’t read our blogs, don’t we? we’re all like, why don’t people like what i have to say? i’m going to go on strike FROM MY OWN BLOG and see if anyone notices. and then four months later we write a post laced in bitterness to our non-existant readers, starting with:

“sorry i haven’t posted in a while, not that anyone really reads this. (except you mom! love you!)”

it’s just a weird thing that we take so seriously and yet we don’t take seriously at all. we want people to read it and yet we say things like, “it’s my blog and i can say whatever i want.”

a blog can be a glorified journal, a scrapbook, a soapbox, a suggestion box to the world, a self-confidence booster or so many other things.

and because there are no rules to blogging, i find myself in doubt and in indecision. do i write a blog to please people or to please myself? how diplomatic should i be? should i write to my readers or should i write for my own pleasure and good, regardless of who reads.

i think the most difficult question i ask myself about blogging is, “what should i write about?” i’m usually asking the more specific question: “how much of my life do i share with this reader’s of mine?”

but that’s the thing, there are actually people who read this thing [i’m still amazed]. i get embarrassed by how many people read this thing. i instantly think, oh my goodness, what do they think of me? do they hate me? do i annoy them? do they expect me to be this hilarious in real life? 

i love this whole blogging business, i keep coming back to it obviously, but i find myself trying to find the purpose of all of it. because it’s just a funny thing to do when you think about it.

for now, my purpose is write about my life, to receive feedback (which so far has been good), and to enjoy the learning process. i may not do exactly what you all expect of me, like have a beautiful and well-thought out list of goals every year, month or week. but i will be honest with you and i will try my very darndest to make it funny and interesting to read. so there you have it, that’s what you can expect of me this year.

2 thoughts on “blogging is a funny sport

  1. LG, I read because I love.
    When I read your posts in the morning while drinking coffee, it's almost like we are sharing our thoughts over coffee like we used to do some moons ago. 🙂
    and my heart smiles at the memory.

    I venture to say that most of your readers, read because they love [you] and they connect with you through your posts. Keep on, keepin' on!

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