a bombhitit


my mom used to declare, “your room looks like a bomb hit it!” so often, that i actually thought a “bombhitit” was a noun used to describe a very messy room.

well, mom, don’t come to our trailer, because it looks like a bombhitit.

the alsberries have been experiencing extreme discipline issues. our house is a mess, which i’ve allowed for far too long. it started a year ago when i was all like, “i can’t work three jobs and keep the house clean.” that was actually pretty true, but now i’ve had just one job for over four months, and i’m still not cooking or cleaning like i know i could be. somehow, i keep convincing myself that maybe we can live in our own filth, for just a little while longer. wouldn’t that be nice?

really, the problem is at this point that i’ve gotten into such strong cleaning habits, it’s proving hard to break them. especially because these cleaning habits i speak of are mainly the ones where i throw all of our crap into the rooms i can shut the doors on and hide from. seriously, it’s sick.

BUT, there is hope. because i read these two quotes that are going to forever heal me of poor housekeeping habits.

i am the problem.

i am the problem. but i am also the solution.

baddabingbaddaboom. i’m a brand new person people!

okay but seriously, when is my house going to get clean again?

well, i’ve finally started working on it. last week, i took my first two 18-gal totes of stuff to the local consignment shop along with a treasure chest-type thing. i swapped clothes at my church’s clothing swap and i took the rest of the clothes i never wear to goodwill. we’re in the process of getting rid of everything we don’t use or don’t need. and it feels good.

after that, i hope to start deep cleaning, because our house could really use it. and my husband and i would both probably function better if it was clean and tidy.

all in all, if it’s any encouragement, i still stink at this “homemaker” thing and i’ve been married for 2.5 years.

3 thoughts on “a bombhitit

  1. It's ok lg because I still stink at homemaking and we're at 7.5 years. My nature is just to not really notice the mess until it's really bad. I have to work really really hard to clean as I go or otherwise I get overwhelmed by everything that needs done at once. I just found this blog http://www.aslobcomesclean.com/ and i really like it. It's a more realistic way to learn for me than to try to learn how to be less messy from people who have always been neat freaks!

  2. Kaylee

    you're such an encouragement to us all! it might be a little late now but have you considered how you might repurpose your old clothing? I've been doing that lately-leggings out of old sweater sleeves, flowers and headbands out of t-shirts, next step-jeans into cozy slippers. thank you for inspiring me to get off the couch and clean.

  3. Tonight I decided to scroll through my blog reading list, and the title, “a bombhitit” caught my eye. SO I proceeded to read, and was seriously laughing out loud at the first two sentences. Today “bombhitit” moves up to the “as frequent as possible” category in my vocabulary.

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