savings plan for 2012

calculating kids

saving enough to pay our upcoming u-bill was our last financial goal to complete for 2011 and at the end of october, we were successful! all of our sinking funds have been filled and we just paid the last of our annual irregular bills. in my nerdy financial brain, 2011 might as well be over. 
that being said, it should not shock you that i’m already thinking about our 2012 financial goals. they are the biggest goals we’ve ever set for ourselves. some are fun, some are important, and some are essential. and when you add all the goals together, it’s quite a shocking dollar amount.

now, i’ve been really transparent with our saving goal for tuition. i’ve given you the exact dollar amount that we’ve saved each month. i reasoned that if you really wanted to know, you could google how expensive one year at the university of iowa is and figure out how much we needed and were saving. so i figured i’d just post the actual numbers so you could see in reality how much we’re saving for bryan’s tuition.

but my financial updates are going to look a little different in 2012. the main reason being that you can’t google how much we’ve decided to save for a vacation next year, or how much a fully-fund emergency fund is for us. we’ve decided not to make these dollar amounts public, because there really is no need to.

now that that’s out of the way, here’s what we have planned for 2012 (in order of importance):

  1. fill all of our essential sinking funds as fast as possible. these sinking funds include:
    • auto insurance
    • home insurance
    • auto tax
    • home tax
    • pest control
    • eye exams
    • eye glasses
  2. pay off our student loan
  3. fill all of our non-essential sinking funds. these sinking funds include:
    • christmas
    • clothing
    • vacation
    • birthdays
  4. save and pay cash for a second car
  5. fully fund our emergency fund (6 months of expenses)
honestly, looking at the bottom line, to save all of this in one year is impossible. but setting big goals seems to be good motivation for us and public (blog) accountability is an even better motivator for me. AND bryan will no longer be a student after may! not only will we not have to pay tuition, but he’ll actually be working! woohoo! 
because we have already completed our goals for 2011, we’re starting on our goals for 2012 now. i’ll blog about our progress at the end of november in lieu of the monthly tuition updates. 
happy saving! 

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