the month of june


it’s rather normal to desire that the month of june last as long as possible. but this year, i wanted it to go as fast as possible. i’ve been waiting all month to start my new job! i’ve been waiting to not have a crazy schedule and to not be so busy with work that i don’t even have time to grocery shop. i’ve been waiting!

and just as a watched pot never boils, time moved slowly this month.

here’s what i’ve been thinking about:

i’ve been complaining a lot this month. and when i say a lot, i mean pretty much everything i’ve said to bryan has been some form of a complaint. it’s been ugly. i’ve been pretty convicted about it lately, and i’ve found it’s one of those things that is like a can of pringles. once you pop, you just can’t stop. it’s been so difficult to stop the flow nasty comments coming out of my mouth! i guess i gave myself a lot of excuses because it has been a rather stressful month. so that’s the sin issue i’m working on right now, “do everything without arguing and complaining.”

i have been so encouraged about my replacement at my job in ames, she’s doing such a great job! she’s picking up on everything so quickly and smartly, especially considering the somewhat choppy training she’s getting from me as i’m in iowa city. i feel so great about leaving everything in her hands after this friday!

i love our connection group. we had a few new people join our group and it was as if they weren’t new at all. it was awesome! i’m also insanely thankful for holly, who is always willing to talk pride and prejudice or good deals with me.

i’m eager to be fulltime with veritas. i have so much to learn, so many ideas, and haven’t been able to really do much for the past month! yay for starting next tuesday!

i think that’s all, so there you go!

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