an interesting take on college these days


read the full article here.

let me start out by saying that i didn’t go to college. therefore, in a lot of ways, i agree with mr. stephens. and in my series about our financial journey, i’ll be writing about how much of a blessing it had been to us [not just financially] that i never went to college.

here are a few of my thoughts on the article:

first of all, not everyone can start their own business, or website or invention, etc. and that’s pretty much all he offers for options if you don’t go to college. on the other hand, i can honestly say that i have become a pretty great administrative assistant with no formal training. so i can see what he means by “other options.”

second of all, i would definitely drop out of college at 19 if i received $100,000.00 for the next two years. i’m sure receiving that fellowship took a lot of work and involves a lot of continual work, but really, why would any 19-year-old consider college over that?

third of all, i believe there are a lot of great reasons to get a college education and that it’s possible to do so without debt. we’re living proof. and i would highly recommend striving to pay cash for college, it makes your education that much more worth it.

what do you think?