falling apart, it’s a good thing


i really love my husband. he’s the best.

he’s spending his last of three days in des moines recording an album right now, which means i get to see him tonight. yay!

my mom came over to my apartment sometime last year, looked around, looked at me and said: “you really do just fall apart when bryan’s gone, don’t you?”

i sheepishly replied, “i guess so.”

i haven’t changed after another year of marriage.

bryan was gone for just a couple days then, and it’s only been since tuesday morning he’s been gone this time, but i can’t seem to be responsible for much when he’s not here.

i don’t sleep in our bed when he’s gone. i feel sad when he’s not there to snuggle me to sleep. i have trouble remembering to eat too. it’s an accomplishment if i shower.

i should clean and do productive things while i have some time to myself, but i don’t.

i usually just watch chick flicks and buy myself some chocolate and fall asleep on the couch, tired and hungry and missing the love of my life.

i don’t why i felt you should know how much i fall apart when my best friend is gone, but now you know i’m human. : ) nothing to worry about either, it’s not as though i completely neglect the things i must accomplish. it’s just that, i really love living life with this man and it’s hard to have fun without him.


i can’t wait for the rest of our lives!

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