dream job


hopefully, the title of this post will convince you that my exciting news is not that i’m pregnant! seriously, readers, you’ve got to quit guessing that! : )

this is a different kind-of life change. the kind-of change where i go from working two great jobs to working one absolutely amazing job. the kind-of change where i go from working 50-60 hours a week to working a solid 40 with some extra time on the weekends. the kind-of change where i go from not having time to do simple things like grocery shop to having time to be a good wife again, not just a bacon-bringer.

this is the kind-of life change that will make it hard to quit my job and have a family someday.

[okay, it won’t be that hard, you all know by now how much i want a vanload of kids someday, but hey, i’m only 22!]

now, there are some skeptics [ahem, erik] out there that think i have a habit of getting a new job every couple of months…trust me, i’m sticking with this one as long as i can.

readers, i have been offered my dream job. and i have accepted.

i get the privilege of becoming veritas‘ new full-time coordinator!

can you tell i’m excited?! i wanted to scream, but thankfully, i have a mother for that. she did scream. by the way. both of my bosses know [i would not be posting this if they didn’t], and they were both so awesome to talk to. i’m so thankful for believing bosses!

God has been more than good to bryan and me this past year since we moved to iowa city. and He continues to dump on the goodness. thanks God!

One thought on “dream job

  1. HOORAY! So glad this worked out. I mean – I'd like to tell you “I told you so,” but I won't rub it in like that. 🙂 Fantastic news, LG. This is a perfect job for you. Very very happy for you!

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