deprivation is key


my mom has lots of “famous quotes” that we repeat as a family. one of them was mentioned in the last post, “what does that mean?” i wish you could really hear my mom say it, because the tone is everything.

to name a few other quotes,

“when in doubt, sack out.”

“the whiter the bread, the sooner you’re dead.” [this is more of a loretta original, my mom’s mom]

“fruit ’til noon.”

“yes mom, coming mom” [what she would make us say when she called for us]

today, i want to highlight a quote that has had a particular impact on my life. she used to say, “deprivation is key.” the key to what? well, happiness, contentment and gratefulness mostly. basically, we didn’t have much growing up. we had enough to stretch between eight people in my family, but we never had an excess of anything and understandably so.

but instead of focusing on the lacking, my mom as well as my dad always focused on the character-building that came from the lacking.

for example, every single person in my family has been excited about a simple glass of milk. why? because my mom only let us have milk in our cereal, and that was it for the day. deprivation is key. a simple glass of milk brought us so much gratefulness.

this has applied to many things for me. i often test myself just to see what i can go without. not in a fanatical way or anything, but in a “do i really need to buy some more clothes right now?” way or “do i really need chocolate, or is it more of a severe want?”

this principal has ultimately instilled in me that i don’t need stuff to make me happy.

so, moms, the next time you think you just have to have something for your child, the newest innovation, the coolest toy, the most convenient item, remember that your kid might just be happier with the cardboard box or the homemade drum [aka pots and pans]. be encouraged!

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