what would ami do?


to any of my readers that haven’t met my mother, you have no idea what you’re missing. she is a treasure.

so i’m starting a series entitled:

what would ami do?

it’s about things my mom does or did that inspire me and have made me into the *ahem* totally awesome person i am today.

are you excited? yeah, me too.

as an intro to this series, i’ll tell you some fun facts about my super awesome mom.

she is not only my mom, but also the mother of 5 other children. for those of you that have trouble with simple math (like me), that’s six kids in total. four of those children are boys.

she is amazing, and she knows it. she has more confidence than…something really confident. one of my favorite “ami quotes” is, “well, of course people like me, what’s not to like?!”

she was born and raised in des plaines, il, which happens to be where the first ever mcdonald’s opened.
she’s just all around adorable, fun, and wise and she’s cool enough for me to write a bunch of blogs about. stay tuned!

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