last day at hyvee!


today was my very last day working at hyvee. it’s the shortest period of time i’ve ever worked at one job-only six months. it was a little weird leaving after such a short time, but i’m moving on. : )


in some ways i’m sad. i’ll miss all the fun people i got to work with. i’ll miss seeing my friends come through my check out line. all those produce look-up numbers i have in my brain are useless to me. i won’t be as “up on the deals” at hyvee because i’ll probably never really go there except for late night junk food runs. and i won’t get the gas discount without having to purchase something.


whoa. i probably look a little too happy in this picture. but, yes, in more ways than i am sad, i am happy to not be working at hyvee anymore. my favorite realization was when i was menu planning for next week and i realized: i can actually make dinner every night! no more working nights! no more working until 11pm on a friday night, and working at 7am the next morning to be specific…because that been the norm for me the last couple months!

gosh, i’m really excited to have a new schedule. i start at capanna at 7am on monday, wish me luck.