you’re such a skinny pants


well, not to pat myself on the back or anything, but this girl lost 15 lbs. last year. what, what?!?!


heck yeah. 10 more pounds and i’d be back to my high school weight. so how did i celebrate? i bought myself some skinny pants, of course! these were on sale for $15 at gap the other day and i had a $10 off gift certificate. so i paid $4.65 for a new pair of pants. nbd.

that’s pretty much all i wanted to tell you guys, you can proceed with your comments such as: “girl, you lookin’ gooood today!” “girl, you rock those pants!” and “girl, you so skinny i could break you in half like a toothpick.”

oh yeah, that is not me in the picture. i would never be so immodest as to show my belly button. in fact, i’m sorry you had to see this girl’s belly button. what a travesty. although, i do have pretty much the best belly button ever. it’s the perfect combination of an “innie” and an “outie.” so maybe i will show you my belly button. but not on this blog. that would be sinful or something.

sorry, rabbit trail. this blog is over.

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