‘member that time?


‘member that time when i was in eight grade? and remember how i was kind-of cool in the eighth grade hallway and lunchroom, but the seventh graders that rode my bus still generally hated me?

and remember how i was sitting by myself on the bus and the seventh grade girls behind me were all like, “hey, your hair looks really cute today.” and i was like, “thank you, i did these pigtails myself.” and they giggled?

and then, remember how i got home after walking home from my bus stop i found an eaten sucker stick stuck in my hair? and how it took me like three hours to figure out that they had probably put the sucker stick in my hair. because really, who would even be that mean?

yeah, that probably never happened.

[it’s ‘member that time monday at the van voorst‘s blog!]

ps: just so you know, i totally have a good sense of humor about this kind-of stuff. i actually do think this is funny! so, consider this my permission to laugh at my own misfortunes! : )

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