so i work at HyVee…


Some of my favorite things about working at HyVee:

My co-workers are fun, they call me LG or LeGit.

A little girl was leaving my line with her mom the other day and exclaimed at the last minute, “You’re pretty!” It definitely made my daylife.

I was on ESPN! During the Penn State Game in Iowa City, ESPN did some “city shots” and I was in one of them because I was working right before the game!

SO MANY people think my name is strangest name in the world! They look at my nametag and look at me and just frown like I shouldn’t have such a weird name. I just laugh and say, my mom made it up, it is a weird name. My favorite was when one guy came up to me and asked, “Is your name Lasagna?” I laughed for 5 minutes straight.

Um, that’s all for now. But I’m thankful for such a fun job.

One thought on “so i work at HyVee…

  1. I love that! LASAGNA! HILARIOUS!!!

    The closest I can come to that is when a guy at Salt thought my name was “Jasmine.” I totally pull off that 'mid-eastern princess look' just as well as you pull off an Italian casserole look.

    That's legit. 🙂

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