move over, honey nut scooters


ah, we’ve had a good run. you’ve been good to me, i promise, but you as well as i know that i can’t pass up a chance to save $.40

there’s a new generic brand of honey nut goodness around. it’s sweeter, crispier and the little oh’s get stuck together sometimes making my munching experience a little more interesting. sorry, scooters, did i mention they’re forty cents cheaper than you? yeah, well. i guess this is goodbye…………

hello honey nut crispy oats from ALDI, the greatest place in the grocery shopping world! tortilla chips for $.99, fresh salsa for $1.99, and pepperoni for $1.99! not to mention the rock bottom price for perhaps my favorite food in the world: off-brand honey nut cheerios. only $1.59 a box. ALDI can’t pull off cap’n crunch, but they sure do whip out a mean honey nut crispy oat.

i’m a happy camper.

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