My new favorite book thing…


I’m a declutterer, a purger, a non-packrat, whatever you want to call it. And my husband is the opposite. When we moved, I told him that it may save our marriage if he were able to part with at least five of the following: records, board games, video games, and books.

We sold many of these things at a garage sale, and we both felt pretty good about it. I then proceeded to sell a few more books on I had a good experience with it, but PBS is better, for all involved.
It’s free to receive books
Yep, completely free. The program is a credit system, the start-up “cost” consists only of posting 10 books you want to get off your bookshelf. After you post 10 books, you receive 2 credits and each book can be requested for 1 credit. Then for each book you send out, you get another credit.
It’s really easy
I’m really impressed with the way they set up the site. When one of your books is requested, they make it incredibly easy to send out your book. They provide a printable wrapper to mail your book in and inform you of the amount of postage it will take to mail it out. You simply wrap the book, put stamps on accordingly, and mail it out-without a trip to the post office.
The cost is minimal
PBS provides only the cheapest shipping options, and on average, it’s between $1 and $3 dollars to mail a book.
It makes Bryan AND LisaGrace happy
Bryan gets books he’s always wanted for next to nothing, and I get rid of books I don’t want or need. This is a rare thing indeed.
BTW, Danielle, thanks for telling me about it-I referred you when I signed up the other day-hopefully you get a free credit or something!
Click here to sign up. If you want to refer me, my email is alsburyhome @ (remove spaces)