"Anniversary Weekend"


Bryan has been the best husband ever lately! Well, he’s always the best husband ever, but he planned our “anniversary weekend” wonderfully.

Bryan had to record his bass tracks for the next Anthem CD in Minneapolis on our actual anniversary weekend, so the weekend before, Bryan treated me like a queen.

On Saturday, Bryan had to go to work, so I lazed around the house until he got home. He came home with pretty yellow daisies and said, “I thought we could go to The Spice for lunch.” Are you kidding me?! I love the Spice, it’s pretty much tied with the Cafe as far as restaurants in Ames go. They have amazing Thai food, but really just amazing food! Yum!

The Spice is on main street, so Bryan conveniently led us over to Chocolaterie Stam where I proceeded to pick ANY chocolate my heart desired. Again, YUM!

I was then whisked off to the land of Reiman Gardens, where we Gnome hunted:
After the gnome hunting, we went to an AMAZINGLY FUN WEDDING and danced the night away.

AND (as if this weekend couldn’t get better) Bryan also surprised me by getting a room at the Gateway Hotel, which is probably the nicest hotel in Ames. We ordered breakfast in bed the next morning and everything! What a treat!

I love my husband, isn’t he the best?!?

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