Anniversary Weekend: The Real Deal


On our actual anniversary weekend, the weekend of May 23rd, we had a TON of fun as well. As I mentioned, Bryan had to “lay down his tracks” for the next Anthem CD. He went up on Friday night and got back around 4pm on Saturday.

I took advantage of this time to clean everything and make pita bread. Can I just say, that this pita bread is the best I’ve EVER eaten? I was SO PROUD of myself that I ate two whole pitas fresh out of the oven! DELICIOUS!

When Bryan got back from Minneapolis, we left for Iowa City almost immediately and arrived by 7pm. The Robinsons (our future Trailer Park buddies) were awesome enough to put us up for the night. We met up with my little brother and his girlfriend and we all went out on the town for the evening.

On Sunday we went to Parkview Church, which was fun because after we plant our church, we won’t really be trying out churches in Iowa City, you know? Then we grilled out:
and hiked:
and watched LOST for the next…9 hours. Yep. That’s what we did on May 23rd, watched LOST for 9 hours. We wouldn’t have had it any other way!

The highlight of my weekend was actually Monday, though. We called our workplaces and told we weren’t going to able to make it. We really did need to figure out the problem with our mail key [our mail keys didn’t work for some reason], and thankfully we were able to do that. But we also got to hang out with the Robinsons for an EXTRA day! We played the Farming Game with them for around 6 hours. They, of course, loved it. We ALSO found out that that the BOWLING ALLEY/MINI GOLF (you read that right, bowling and mini golf in one?! YES) which is located RIGHT NEXT to our Trailer Park is AWESOME!!! It’s only $2.75 for mini golf, $4.75 for bowling and $.25 for arcade games! And me and Miranda got to ride on Chuck-E-Cheese-like RATS!!!
In other words, we are excited to live in Iowa City and our actual anniversary weekend was a major SUCCESS!

One thought on “Anniversary Weekend: The Real Deal

  1. Willow Creek Park was always an awesome park/wooded area to explore. It's off Benton just east of Mormon Trek. Sometime check out Whitey's ice cream in Coral Ridge Mall. My parents' favorite!! 🙂 I think Iowa City City Park was a fun hang out with a pool. And ice skating in the winter (but we don't want to think about that yet!!!)

    Fun place, Iowa City. I think my cousin goes to Parkview.

    Anne P

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