How to make a "Quilted" Nursing Blanket


Disclaimer: I just teach myself how to do things, so I’m sorry if my lingo isn’t correct. If it doesn’t make sense, I’ll just come over and teach you! : )

Things you’ll need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Lots of Pins
  • (2) 1″-1.5″ D-Rings
  • (6) Different Patterned Fabrics, 12″ cuts (to make two 12″x12″ squares from each fabric)
  • 1.5 yards of a solid fabric (for the back)
  • Matching Thread

Step #1
From your fun patterned fabrics, cut out 12 (two from each pattern) 12″x12″ squares. Try to get your cuts to line up with the pattern of the fabric. Another helpful tip is to really try hard for exact squares so that all twelve pieces are identical sizes to each other, this will make sewing a lot easier. Here are the fabrics I picked out:

Step #2:
Arrange your fabrics in the pattern of your choice in a 4×3 arrangement. When you love your arrangement, pin it ALL together. It may seem easier to sew the pieces together one at a time, but trust me, it’s way easier to go through the work of pinning it and sewing a few straight lines. Mine looked like this after I got done pinning:

Step #3:
Sew it all together! I started with the two long stretches, then sewed the three shorter stretches. I used a 1/2″ seam allowance to make the measurements easy. When you’re finished sewing the pieces together, hem the edge by 1/2″ as well. The front of your nursing blanket it done! Here’s what mine looks like:
Step #4:
Cut out the backside. I used a plain white solid. If you were exact on all of your 1/2″ seams and your cutting on the 12″x12″ pieces, the backside should measure 45″x34″. But I can never get things perfect so I made sure by simply laying my finished front side on the white fabric and cut around it, leaving 1/2″ allowance on all sides.

Step #5:
Hem the back side by 1/2″. Pin the front to the back, with all of the rough edged facing the inside and sew together the two short side and one long side.

Step #6:
You should have a long edge of your backside fabric. Cut this down to 2″ wide. Fold in half, sew the rough edges together. Flip inside out. Sew a 1/2″ seam on each side to make it look prettier. Cut about 5″ off of that long strip.

Step #7:
On the edge of the blanket that has not bee sewn shut, pull the 5″ piece of strap through the D-rings, and pin it to the edge of the blanket. I placed mine at the halfway point of the middle right square. Pin the longer strap opposite the rings, about halfway on the middle left square. Sew the last edge.

That’s it! You’re done! The last step will probably be to iron the finished project, as you can see I still need to do here:

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