I’ve been quite crafty lately…


Here is some proof…

I made a nursing blanket for a dear friend of mine and one of my favorite blog readers, Leah. (Love you, Leah!) Her sweet baby is due June 15th and her baby shower was in West Liberty the other weekend. Leah is the one who designed and helped me so much with my wedding invitations and programs. She’s a graphic designer, so I was inspired by the black and white patterns and solids. I think she liked it. : )

Speaking of Nursing Blankets and dear friends, I also made a nursing blanket for my friend, Paige who just had her SWEET baby girl, Penelope. Penelope was part of my inspiration for the fabric, but mostly, if you know Paige, these girly and “old-womany” (as she would say) fabrics are totally her. I’ll be posting a tutorial soon on how I made the nursing blankets. I’m kind-of a “make-it-up-as-I-go” kind of girl, so no, I didn’t use a pattern or anything.

I’ve been really into Owls lately, and I needed to let it out! So I made an owl pillow. Again, in case you’re wondering-no pattern. I found an owl I liked online, free-handed my own little version in pencil and stitched with yarn onto a very linen-y fabric. Then I measured the fabric and sewed it into a removable pillow cover for a pillow I got at IKEA a while back. Wha-La! Here’s a close up of the CUTE (if I do say so myself) owl!

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