Seven Habits of Highly Effective People


I’m really glad I read this book, well, half of it. Yep, I only read half of it. But STILL, it was a good read. I read through the first 3 habits and though I could have kept going, I made the call to stop and actually work these habits into my life. I’ll probably read the next four habits next year sometime.

Though it’s not a “christian” book, I gotta say, I was convicted. Covey challenged the reader to think about their future, even pressing them to write out their eulogy. He posed the question, “What would you have others say about you when you die?” Pretty serious stuff. It caused me to think about my life and all the things that I have lived for. I want to die living my whole life for God, but I don’t think people would say that about me now.

More importantly, I thought about what God would say about my life. I know He loves me as His daughter, but is my life really living up to that of a daughter of God?

So I’m slowly working on my personal mission statement for my life, another recommendation from the book. Hopefully, I’ll be able to blog about it soon, when I get time to quiet my mind and life.

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