Minneapolis, Minnesota!


Well, I was going to go on a ski trip in Wisconsin with my mom, 3 of my brothers, my sister, and my brother’s girlfriend. But due to all the snow melting completely away, that didn’t work out so well. But, were we, the DUVICK’s going to bail on perfectly good time off? Hecks no!

So we went north and landed in Minneapolis, MN for a long weekend, Sunday through Tuesday. It was amazing fun! Valerie (the aforementioned and awesome girlfriend of my brother Mark, and also the good-lookin’ gal next to me in the picture) even grabbed my camera for most of the weekend so you all have some pictures to enjoy because you know I’m SO bad at taking pictures! Just click on the picture above!

While I was in Minnesota, Bryan was in Tyler, TX for the entire week of Spring Break. Yeah, he’s awesome. He also had plans of his own to take a sweet “Man Trip” with a few of his good buddies. He had work off and and everything but his plans fell through. So guess what he did? He decided to spend his entire week off serving Pine Cove camp! He went with around 50 other students from The Salt Company cleaning and blessing the camp. He got some MAJOR male bonding time with an awesome Michael Lecy and Nathan Kaloupek and enjoyed 70 degree weather and a view of a gorgeous lake.

We missed each other like crazy but we made it through a lot of time away from each other. More on than in the next blog! : )