The Nuts & Bolts of our Budget: Part 2

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[Note to my readers: I am sorry about being a little late on this weeks post! Hopefully you’ll forgive me and enjoy this post anyway. By the way, thanks for even being here and reading. I love writing and I’ve been so encouraged to receive comments and notes from all of you about all the stuff I’m writing! So THANKS!]

Part 2

If you feel at all overwhelmed by any of what I’ve written so far, or if you’re discouraged because your God-given disposition is not to be “boxed in” by a budget, or if you simply don’t know if you can keep a budget that you’ve perhaps already started…than I think you’re going to like this post!

Why? Because while there are some things every month that we have to pay for, there are a lot of things in our budget that are completely and totally…


So breathe a breath of fresh air!

Let’s just take a look at our sample budget from last week:

I’m going to cross off everything that’s not-so-flexible and we’ll take a look at all the line-items that don’t have to be “boxed in.”

Taxes: -$750.00
Tithe: -$350.00
Rent: -$700.00
Utilities: -$125.00
Car Repair: -$100.00*
Car Insurance: -$250.00
Fuel: -$200.00Phone: -$75.00
Groceries: -$200.00
Medical Expenses: -$50.00*
Clothing: -$100.00
Dates: -$50.00
Fluff: -$100.00
Christmas: -$50.00
Vacation: -$50.00
Goals: -$350.00

*As far as car repair and medical expenses go, I put these as non-negotiable items. Trust me, your car is going to break down (or you’ll need new tires, or windshield wipers, etc) and you are going to need to go the doctor. It’s gonna happen, so save now.

Now let’s simplify our list:

Groceries: -$200.00
Clothing: -$100.00
Dates: -$50.00
Fluff: -$100.00
Christmas: -$50.00
Vacation: -$50.00
Goals: -$350.00

All of the above is totally at your discretion and command!

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to discuss each of these so you can hear my advice on manipulating these categories. Here’s the line-up:

The Nuts & Bolts of our Budget: The Grocery Budget
The Nuts & Bolts of our Budget: Necessary AND Fun
The Nuts & Bolts of our Budget: Spending Money, short and long term

Until next week!

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